The Tea Perspective on Life Throwback Thursday Edition: London

Two years ago, I wrote this: Black Tea. No milk, no sugar. The last time I’ve been to London was four months ago. I wonder if everyone has that something that they can’t let go. Someplace they want to go, a person they want to run to everytime they feel restless. That one special person they... Continue Reading →


Peanut Butter Breakfast Bites

I like having these delicious peanut butter bites for breakfast but I am sure you could have them for dessert as well. They are easy to prepare, and you only need four ingredients: peanut butter porridge oats apples bananas One apple and one banana per person are enough to make a great breakfast! When in a hurry... Continue Reading →

Heavenly, Healthy Fruit-Ice-Lollies

Here's an easy to prepare and delicious dessert for hot summer days! Or any other day. Eat these whenever you want without feeling guilty because these fruit-ice-lollies taste amazing and are healthy. Are they fruity popsicles? Are they fancy lollipops? Oh who cares! More important is: If you have never made these, you should definitely try!... Continue Reading →

Nutting but Some Nuts in a Jar

Almonds and walnuts – a great, healthy snack! For yourself, for your guests … a great snack for everyone actually. “Nuts for everyone!” shouted the king and sprinkled snacks over the angry mob. Okay, now this is getting weird. Anyway, I love nuts and I love that jar!

Delicious Sunday Breakfast

I love what I had for breakfast this morning: soy yoghurt with fresh strawberries and pineapple and a hot coffee – quick and easy to prepare and delicious! Just perfect for a nice, relaxed Sunday morning. I think strawberries taste best with a sprinkle of cinnamon. In fact, I think a lot of things taste... Continue Reading →

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