Vegan Sushi Sauce Part 2

I am sure you know the feeling of wishing you could get the recipe for your feavourite meal at a restaurant so you can make it at home whenever you crave it.

For me that one speecial recipe would be the recipe for the sauce you get at the Asian restaurant I like to go to with my friends for vegan avocado and cucumber sushi. Yes, I am sure I do not mean regular soy sauce. It is a lot sweeter and thicker, kind of sticky. I think it tastes a little like peanuts but that might only be because one of my friends once called it peanut sauce and I probably convinced myself that is what it is.

For my second attempt (check out my first attempt here) at making this recipe, I mixed soy sauce, smooth cashew butter (as opposed to crunchy peanut butter the first time), maple syrup (as opposed to brown sugar) and water in a bowl. The result looked more appealing this time because there were no big chuncks. But there were tiny chunks of cashew since I could not get the cashew butter to dissolve completely.

I like this recipe better than the first one. But it is still not exactly what I want, so I am not giving up, I will keep looking and you updated.


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