Healthy Food to Pack for a Weekend Outing with a Child

I went on a lovely little Saturday outing with a child today. We were out and about for over six hours, so of courses I needed to prepare a nice little packed lunch for us. But what do you pack that is healthy, that a ten year old (whose taste is completely different from yours) also likes and that you also enjoy? Turns out it is not that difficult! Or maybe I just do not have the most fussy ten year old.

I decided on bringing some fresh fruits and veggies, some dried fruits and nuts (he loves raisins and walnuts, so I packed a lot of those) as well as two chocolatey bars.

We had one chocolate-mint bar and one chocolate-orange bar by pure good bars. We both liked the chocolate-orange bar. It definitly tasted less chocolatey and more orangey than expected but was quite nice. The chocolate mint bar, on the other hand, tasted like toothpaste and we did not finish it. Oh no, it must still be somewhere in my bag. I do not like throwing food away. Do you think I can just eat that instead of brushing my teeth?


I hope you enjoy your next weekend / holiday outing a lot! Pack some helathy snacks, always tell your little ones to drink enough and do not froget to keep hydrated yourself, and most importantly, have fun!





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